Impact Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media’s Impacts Nowdays, social media (or simply : socmed) is a part of human life. People exploit it as a lifestyle. The public was competing to show what they had achieved on their social media. They upload their moment and refresh their status on their account. Therefore, the other people would be respect to know and then imitate their owns lifestyle, at that moment there is an emotional perceived social media user. They would be feel satisfied and glory when others respect and follow them. However, it’s not absolutely positive. There are many negative impacts by using social media. There is an explicit alike spent much money to buying internet quotas to remain social media, again, people become wasteful. In the lives of teenagers Indonesia, they always seek to have internet quotas to still exist in social media. On the other hand they should start…show more content…
By this facilitate do spread of advertisement that people need to know. People whom advertise also get benefit, other people would buy their products. As a result, they would get high sales without spending much money to promotion. Advertising on social media requires only internet quota. Certainly very cheap when compared to rent billboards that reach millions of rupiah’s. Therefore, for promotial purposes, social media was influential. Based on the positive and negative impacts previously described, using social media is more negative impacts. Therefore, as users of social media we must be able to control themselves in order to always be wise and pay attention to what is allowed and should not be done in the social media because the government as well as legislation to regulate it. So that, we avoid the problems that are not expected. We must also be able to fortify ourselves from. Thus, there are no cases of theft and even murder caused by our own negligence in due to updating excessive status on social
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