Negative Essay And Impacts Of Social Media

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SOSIAL MEDIA Social media is a media that supports to socialize one with the other and done online that allows humans to interact well with each other without restriched by time, place and distance. Social media is also very useful for people who work or who have business because of social media, we know everything about good or bad social media we can know. Social media introducing a wide varitely of common or uncommon wants about positive or negative about social media. From the articles I read impacts of social media Social media lately can be a hot traning topic to discused because many people are using social media but they do not understand the social media themselves.Therefore,the author will explain…show more content…
And actually see the video is not allowed in the religion of islam for seeing is not in the like god allah swt. and also by the pornographic video makers are punished by the authorities so as not to repeat the behavior that is good, but its different in countries other than Indonesia for example they allow the creation of Japanese Adult…show more content…
Shopping through social media a buyer can see first the goods and prices of goods he wants to spend through the web promoted by sellers. This online shopping activity is a new form of communication that makes it easier for sellers to sell their goods and do not require face-to-face communication directly, but can be done separately in the country or overseas through the media notebook, computer, or mobile phone connected to the Internet access service. By way of shopping online a buyer can more easily buy goods because it does not have to place where the goods were

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