Solar Panel Case Study

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis This study mainly focuses on how can a solar panel generate enough elecricity to move a rollercoaster made of a toy vehicle. Solar panel is a large, flat piece of equipment that uses the sun’s light or heat to create electricity. It is called as a solar panel because most of the time, the most powerful source of that is available throughout the world which is the Sun. It is a collection of some solar cells summed up together. The more light that hits a specific cell, the more electricity it gives or produces. It is also called Sol by the scientists. Solar panel produces electricity by converting the energy of the sun into high temperature heat. Solar panel is known to be “eco-friendly” sincei…show more content…
This study clarified the following questions : 1. Can a solar panel generate enough elecricity to move a rollercoaster made of a toy vehicle? 2. Does the figure of the toy vehicle affect the speed and movement on the tracks of the homemade rollercoaster? 3. Can the solar panel powered rollercoaster run a whole lap of the tracks made? 4. Is this experiment viable during nighttime? 5. During what time of the day does this solar powered vehicle move the most? 6. If there’s a shadow will it continue to run or will it stop? 7. Is the toy vehicle compatible with the solar panel? 8. Can the solar panel run 2 toy vehicles at the same time? 9. Where is the perfect place to put the solar panel? 10. If there are 2 solar panels will it run faster? Paradigm of the…show more content…
If we made our own solar panel it will cost us more expenses, time-consuming as well, and it might fail during the end of our experiment. If the homemade tracks are very lengthy the toy vehicle might not complete a whole lap of the given tracks and also if the height of the tracks are too high the toy vehicle might collapse or it might stop moving. If the solar panel is not compatible with our toy vehicle it might not run that easily at all. Alternative Hyphothesis Our study is less expensive, eco-friendly and much more efficient of getting power throughout the day. If we bought a solar panel that is already made it will cost a bit less, more time will be saved, and it may work in the end since we are sure that the solar panel is working. If we make the tracks medium short then it would be easier for the toy vehicle to complete a lap as well as the height of the tracks should be not too high in order to run the toy vehicle in a way that it will not fall or struggle upon reaching the ramp. It would be easier for us to operate this homemade rollercoaster if we use sunlight as a source of energy to run the toy

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