What Is The Mystery Of Tutankhamun's Tomb?

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Tutankhamun Mystery <LastName> <MI> <First Name> <Professor’s Name> <Institution Name> <October 13 2014> Tutankhamun Mystery Tutankhamun is the boy pharaoh of Egyptian eighteenth dynasty who ascended the throne of Egypt in 1333 B.C. at the age of nine, called as King Tut. He died prematurely at a very early age of around eighteen in 1323 B.C. (“Life and Times”, n.d.). Similar to the kings of eighteenth dynasty, he was also embalmed, mummified and buried with lots of treasures in a tomb in the “Valley of the Kings” (“Tutankhamun’s Tomb”, n.d.). The exact reason for King Tutankhamun’s death is not known and lot of speculations and theories go around explaining his death and hasty mummification, since the king’s tomb was discovered in 1922. They range from murder due to violent blow to his head, gangrene infection due to a broken leg, a chariot accident when he was on his knees etc. Recent research also comes up with facts that his mummification has been a hurried process and his body has been burnt in the mummified stage (Dolasia, 2013).…show more content…
Since then, many theories are put forth by archeologists and Egyptologists on his death and

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