Media Holds Power Over People Essay

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Human rights activist Malcolm X once said: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth.” This statement rings true. Throughout this essay I will disassemble and analyze the idea that media holds power over people, proving X’s statement as true evident in how freedom of expression in media can be a good and bad thing and what power that has over the public, and also in how the media chooses what information is most important - while still trying to keep the discussion levelled. Before I state my case, I would like to preface this essay with a brief explanation of what media is. The Oxford Dictionary defines media as: “The main means of mass communication regarded collectively.” This ‘mass communication’ refers to newspapers, radio, the Internet – basically any means that communicates ideas to a broad group of people. Malcolm X believes that this communication holds ultimate power over the public’s perception; I agree with him. Throughout this essay I will explain why: The media acts as a common carrier between the government and the public. The media informs the public about happenings within the government and it allows the government insight into what the public think. This…show more content…
Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow the public to share their ideas and contribute to what information circulates. However this argument is flawed because the often ill-informed posts from people in their homes don’t affect the masses – at least not to the extent media forms like news articles and broadcasting do. Ultimately, well-written and organized media from respected reporters are more effective than status updates from your pro-trump Aunt in America. While these people on social media and their posts lack meaningful impact, reporters and journalists have power in what news the public hears and

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