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Keywords: graphic designer salary, average graphic designer salary, senior graphic designer salary, junior graphic designer salary, average salary of a graphic designer, graphic designer starting salary, graphic designer annual salary, how much do graphic designers make, how much does a graphic designer make What does a graphic designer do, and what is a graphic designer’s salary? In an aesthetic or visual society, a graphic designer holds important skills. Designers help to create brands, giving value to products. Using computer technology, a designer creates a visual image which will be easily recognizable, attract attention and express meaning. Once these images have been created, they may be used to create templates for magazine adverts,…show more content…
A graphic designer often works from an office, using a computer or drafting table. Work is often fast-paced and deadline driven, and designers work long hours. Most specialize in a couple of areas such as web design, print, poster design or logo design and branding. What skills does a graphic designer need to have? A graphic designer does not necessarily need to have a specific education, although many hold undergraduate degrees from an arts institution. Graphic designers need knowledge of colour, balance, and composition, as well as an aesthetic eye in order to implement these processes. Good communication skills assist the designer to negotiate with clients, as well as transform a client’s ideas into imagery that an audience will relate to. A graphic designer will also need to have technical skills to be able to use computer-related software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. Average salary for a graphic…show more content…
However, it is not only developing skills that assist with earning a higher income. A junior graphic designer’s salary will be lower than an experienced designer because the more clients you work with, the greater the number of recommendations you will receive. This assists designers with building a reputation. This is particularly true for freelance graphic designers. Future Outlook for Graphic Designers With increased access to the internet, the need for content, and the move to an information age, where there is an increase in fast internet and electronic communication devices such as computers or tablets, the number of jobs for graphic designers was estimated to grow by 61% between 2010 and 2020. This is a higher than average job growth. Job increases are still industry dependent, however. Jobs in computer systems design will have the fastest growth rate, while jobs in the advertising industry will show the lowest increases. Average Salary of a Graphic Designer in the United

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