Impact Of Social Media On Education Essay

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The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Students Education Jahangeer Qadiree Abstract--The impact of social networking sites can be good on students but if we look closer on social networking sites today; the social networking sites play an important role in running the future and carrier of students. The social networking websites like,,, and etc. are continuously disturbing students from their studies. As The students main focus for using such social networking sites should be centered focused but unfortunately the student are using social networking sites for complete wastage of time. As the Social Networking sites were only the connection between many users, but the social networking sites become just a fertile exercise among the students, teenagers and even adults. This research paper presents the…show more content…
Education is more important for every teenager than anything. The Teenager shows more interest for using the social networking sites, but unfortunately Social Networking sites affect education very badly [3]. On the basis of previous research it has been calculated that more than 95% of college students use social networking sites [9, 10]. The Technology has also show a fast development by producing small communication devices include Desktop computers, laptops, iPads, Smartphone’s and even simple mobile phones etc.. These small communication devices can be used by the students for accessing social networking sites any time anywhere. No doubt Technology is step towards betterment, but any technology which can provide ease of social networking sites can be dangerous for social networking addicts. Providing facility of social networks of addiction to any teenager and even an adult, as academic satisfaction is not enough for those students who suffers from social isolation

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