How Does Social Media Affect Law Enforcement

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social media's advantages and the free expression right to share information, law enforcement agencies must set a standard about the information that is available to shared in social media to avoid dishonor to institutions and themselves. The warrants of his claim are social media can affect the status or the image of the institutions and that officers should be careful when using social media. Stuart support his argument by beginning with a fact evidences about the expansion and the impact of social media in our life, especially in law enforcement officers which need to adjust to social media because otherwise could negatively impact their lives. He also establishes the develop and organization of his article, suggesting some factors that departments must take in consideration to support the demand which are to comprehend how social media works, advantages and disadvantages to officers, and the requirement to regulate the information share by law…show more content…
Social networking share personal and non personal dates from a broad to a narrow public with the option to determine audience's limite. He explains by fact evidence the new words created by the use of the different social networking and the quickly popularity achieved of in a short period of time. Stuart then describes how social media affects law enforcement officers through statistical evidence showing that most police officers choose to identify themselves as "law enforcement" Following, Stuart points out how beneficial social media is for law enforcement agencies when is used as a tool to alert the communities of possible threats or to solve criminal cases. A specific example is describes by Stuart when in 2011 Kentucky State Policies could identify dead person body by sharing photos via social media. Another point to take in consideration is the amount of evidences or personal information lead by criminals in social media that can used by L.E

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