Identity And Globalization: The Influence Of Cultural Identity

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What determines our identity? I’m a daughter as well as a friend, student, badminton player, Catholic, and Danish citizen. However the real question to identify me is why? Why do I go to boarding school, why do I bother to be a friend, why do I play badminton? At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s why you do it that defines you. A great example of people’s cultures is the matter of their religious believes. I’m a Catholic. However I’m only a Catholic because of my family. My mom comes from Slovakia and was brought up with Catholicism. Family roots are a huge part of the background that determines ones personal traditions. I was baptized at only three months of age, however I didn’t have much of an opinion about faith back then. At my current age of sixteen years I don’t share agreement with or believe in every single aspect of the Christian bible, but I don’t wish to sign out of the community either given that…show more content…
The Internet, mobile telephony, and similar smart communication forms have huge impact on globalisation. They’re providing new opportunities for the spreading of information as well as misinformation between groups of citizens regardless of distances and land borders. This creates the basis for maintenance of cultural identity between population groups without physical contact, as well as breeding ground for cultural, religious, and political attention across national barriers. All together, globalisation can cause a fundamental change of the possibilities for national societies. Thereby the globalisation affects the development of our world and national societies as well as the single individual economically, politically, socially and culturally. Globalisation is basically creating new options for communication in the world, in your country, your family and yourself. Whether we use the new options for good or bad is up to

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