The Positive Effects Of Globalization

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“Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.” (Reyes-Ruiz, 2010). Up until the late 1980’s, globalization was at an all-time low, a minimum. Each country maintained its own set of beliefs, traditions, cultures, and businesses mostly remained local or regional at most. Although it can be argued that this phenomenon of globalization has had its positive effects on economies, and perhaps helped less fortunate countries catch up with leading countries, the dangers that globalization poses from other aspects should not be ignored. The local culture in U.A.E. is suffering from the effects of globalization in many different ways. The U.A.E. is…show more content…
When a nation has a strong culture, its people possess a means of communicating values that are dear to them. Their values, beliefs and customs serve more than just a feeling of group identity. Culture serves as an important social function that influences the lives of individuals living together in harmony (Reyes-Ruiz, 2010). When other cultures, such as the western ones in the case of U.A.E. are so prominent in the region that the locals begin to leave behind their national attire to wear American outfits, the culture is then considered to be at a risk of no longer being preserved (Aucoin,…show more content…
and its nationals is the extent to which the English language is widespread in the country, causing Emiratis to leave their traditions and religious beliefs behind. Some may argue that globalization could actually be termed ‘Westernization’ because of countries around the world have adopted western ways. One simple indication of this is the number of American fast food chains that are set up and accepted worldwide. The ratio of national restaurant outlets to the American fast food chains is extremely low in the U.A.E. (Aucoin, 2016). Nowadays people started opening what they assume are traditional restaurants, but instead of serving traditional food they add some western flavors to it that causes the entire dish to change. Cuisine is yet another way of preserving the national culture of the U.A.E., which is currently being taken over by western brands due to

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