Globalization And Soccer Book Review

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Globalization, the process by which human societies have grown increasingly interdependent, transcending geographic, economic, political, and cultural barriers. Narrowly defined, globalization refers to the breakdown of barriers to Foreign Trade and investment, especially through such vehicles as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, and the North American Free Trade Agreement. More generally, globalization involves the worldwide flow of capital, ideas, and information made possible through the rise of modern technology and the mass media, including the Internet. Although globalization has brought an overwhelmingly positive impact on most countries in terms of economy, culture and politics,…show more content…
It is Foer's contention that the sport of soccer represents the equivalent of higher culture to a certain segment of the population, namely the lower class, providing a source of unity to disaffected groups who may not feel that the embrace of national identity, shared so readily by the affluent, has been extended to them. While in many countries, such as Spain or England, the shared support of a soccer team may allow for a temporary lowering of long standing cultural…show more content…
With the influx of migrant workers, students from other nations who wish to learn in American institutions, free trade, arts and entertainment, and technology such as the internet, globalization continues to take place and we cannot ignore the need for understanding cultural differences. It is rather difficult to argue on one perspectives or another. However, in terms of globalization, this can be viewed as having been inevitable. Indeed, the constant exchange of information, and communication led to this extraordinary expansion of a cosmopolite world. At the same time though, in order to perceive these changes at the individual level, the entire notion of individuality has to

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