Essay On Travel Planning

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Planning on travelling across the USA by car and enjoying all the wonderful views? There are a couple of things that you are going to be in need of before you embark on your journey or you'll end up stuck somewhere when you don’t have all the essential things that you should have started with and having all that junk that cannot help you. Well, I believe I would do you a favor by not going into so much details of how someone feels frustrated when they find that most of what they thought they were supposed to carry is all just baggage. Now before we start, the following is a travel plan of a person that is going to spend a lot of time in the countryside or on the road driving and camping. So here is just a list of the things that are necessary to pack before anything else but you will be needing more of the other items that have been listed further down. You should start by carrying, car food, tent, camping mat, pillow, sleeping bags, a backpack, flashlight, rope, blanket, journals/notebooks, pens, maps, credit cards and money. And of course, the most important, your drivers license and car registration and insurance documents. Well, those are some of the basic things that you need and you would be needing more times than you think if you want to feel comfortable and at home in the woods. So starting by your hygiene, I know that you want to stay healthy and you certainly…show more content…
If you are planning on having naps in your car then you really don’t need most of this stuff but most people prefer on sleeping out in the open in their tents. You need a nice tent, a camping mat, a pillow and a sleeping bag and /or a blanket if you are also planning on staying warm through the night. Sleeping in a tent can sometimes be very disastrous especially when you camp in a very rainy area. You need to choose a very good tent with an outside flap or you may end up having to wake up at night just because of some cold water in your
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