Advantage And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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an introduction: Anyone who has followed human history, we find that each historical era concerns, issues and preoccupations, and in the march of human thought, combine the words of civilization, highlighting new ideas and concepts, the most important of these new concepts for this concept of globalization century that imposes itself on contemporary life in all intellectual, scientific, political and economic levels and cultural, media and education, globalization is described as the new millennium ideology, has been accompanied by her appearance end of the cold war and the collapse of the communist bloc and the fall of the Berlin wall as a symbol of the triumph of the liberal system or capitalist ideology mono but confusion arises: Does the idea of globalization have its benefits and beauties or damages and disadvantages? Analysis: The first position: Thought a lot of thinkers and researchers may well have benefits a lot from a humanitarian point of service and bring it closer to each family reunification and achieve peaceful coexistence and enable States to openness to each other and establish a civilized dialogue through the respect of the other and identity, independence and excellence and the establishment of a common economy…show more content…
German Valfelsov "Immanuel Kant" object to the melting of the states and nations in one pot, and rejects the fusion of the state or nation in another state or another nation, and this is the preferred multiplicity and diversity of the mixing and integration in order to maintain the cultural balance and identity of the state, so the distinction must be made between what It is a private self and what is objectively a world shared by all
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