Humanistic Approach In Health Care

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In week three of term one, we discussed Humanistic Approaches which I personally enjoyed because of its in-depth analysis of the concept of self. This was a bit new to me but very interesting as I often assumed as a human being we only had a ‘real self’ and what we think of ourselves. Although self-awareness and projected images seemed similar, discrepancies between both can result to problems if there is no balance. I love this topic because it speaks to me because I believe that individuals have the capacity to make right or wrong decisions on their own. This is the core focus of Person Centered Therapy which was founded by Carl Rogers; he strongly believed that all can grow, hence based the tenets of this approach on respect and trust in…show more content…
Person Centered Therapy is also described as a non- directive / non- authoritarian method of therapy as discussed during our session in class. In my opinion, it can be best described as an approach where the patient is seen as an equal partner in planning, assessment and care of their needs and involves the patient in most of the decision making. During the lecture I was intrigued at how this method of therapy can be used and in what cases? I was especially curious as to its application in various areas of health care, as I currently work in this sector. I searched on the applications of this approach in different fields of healthcare and any benefits or disadvantages they may have (Institute, 2006). I discovered that this has been applied in various fields in health care which include nursing, working with mental health patients and palliative care (Pelzang, 2010); I delved further into these areas of application to see how effective it is. I appreciate person centred therapy most especially because of the emphasis it places on the value of the client. Working in a hospital gives me…show more content…
But despite all merits of this method of therapy which includes granting the patient basic feelings of dignity and control over their situation or problems; its limitations is an unclear understanding of what it should entail i.e. its failure to provide clear structure and guidance, absence of good teaching models; this is a question I asked Dr. Anita during the session as it was unclear to me as to how this method can be used without the therapist's direct input to finding solutions. However, it is a work in progress and I feel that with more time and application it can become one of the best approaches to health care due to its humanistic approach, respect for patient's values, needs, comfort, and involvement of family in patient

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