Black And Proud Analysis

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Black and Proud, written by Klugman and Osmond, features and discusses the importance of the iconic image of AFL star, Nicky Winmar. This image is central to the texts analysis of racism in sport and, hence, Australia’s ‘black and white’ relations and how this impacts society. This book examines the cacophony of verbal abuse and racial hatred from opposing fans, hence Nicky lifting his jersey to show his colour skin and saying, “I’m black and proud to be black”. The authors state “Winmars gesture was compelling. Like many other key images of the Aboriginal rights movement” in order to not only reflect from an arresting statement of race, yet to bring a statement of presence and identity through the gesture and photos. Besides, the author's central idea is to take the reader behind the scenes of Indigenous pride and to take a stand against racism, by providing inspiring and eye-opening experiences from the strength of peoples ‘aboriginal heritage’.…show more content…
Support for these claims is documented to help people understand that lived experience of Indigenous Australians. Klugman and Osmond have conducted a thorough investigation of Indigenous dispossession with previous acts of Racism, drawing attention to Charlie McAdam, an Indigenous man, father of Gilbert McAdam who played alongside Nicky Winmar in 1992. The author's research goes inside the “most feral real estate” in all football, Victoria Park. Furthermore, the authors note down Charlie’s observation of both Nicky and his son Gilbert play exceptionally against Collingwood. Yet, Charlies was then upset immediately after as he overheard sickening behaviour from a white-dominated audience, towards Nicky and Gilbert with comments, including, “petrol sniffers, abos,
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