Application To Nursing Practice: An Introduction To Clinical Practice

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APPLICATION TO CURRENT JOB: At work nurses study how to assist individual and groups as they respond to health and illness example reducing side effect of illness and treatment. Patient may react to a particular treatment; it is the duty of the nurse in charge of that patient to find out why and how it happened, the outcome of her search will make her gain new knowledge which she will relate to others .Previously midwifes uses wrapper for childbirth but recently things have changed they use incontinent sheath or Nightingale to take delivery which is much better. CURRENT RESEARCH: Nursing research builds a scientific foundation for clinical practice. Nurses need to intervene for their patient’s in other to improve their practice. According…show more content…
 Norms promote the aims of research example prohibiting fabrication in research thereby preventing health hazard in clinical practice  With ethical knowledge research can be accountable to public example human subject to protection.  It builds public support-people can fund research once they can trust the quality and integrity of the research. 7. CONCEPT 7-QUALITATIVE RESEARCH DESIGN AND IMPORTANCE IN NURSING-Qualitative design is a form of social inquiry that focuses on the way people interpret and make sense of developing experiences and the world in which they live. This method relies heavily on ‘thick’ verbal description of a particular social context being studied. It has a strong basis in the field of sociology program and also focuses on human experience. Qualitative research method have become increasingly important as ways of developing nursing knowledge for Evidence-based nursing practice, it answers variety of nursing related questions with human responses to actual or potential health problems (Ploegj,1999). Qualitative research plays an important role in providing evidence for practice in nursing and is gaining greater acceptance within medicine (Bailey C,…show more content…
However, as a method of data collection for research purposes, observation is more than just looking or listening. In other to become systematic, observation must in some way be selective. It’s a tool for collecting data in both qualitative and quantitative research. In quantitative research the observation used are usually structured because it clearly identify the variables to be observed while qualitative observation used are unstructured because it can provide rich data sometimes described as thick

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