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Consent as the Foundation on Which the Leviathan is Built Consent is the single most important factor in all of Hobbes’s theories along with the creation of the Leviathan, and is the basis for creating covenants, also known as the “social contract.” Despite the extreme power, the covenant is nothing more than an agreement, but it is the foundation of the great Leviathan he attempts to create. Such covenants begin in man’s most primitive state, the state of nature. The state of nature is the worst state as it is governed by chaos and despair. Hobbes uses phrases to describe state of nature like, “nature in that place which is most proper for them; ascribing appetite, and knowledge of what is good for their conservation (which is more than man…show more content…
The only way to become the Leviathan, or mortal God, would be through the line of succession, or by conquering it. The Leviathan can do almost anything he wants, without consequences like being put to death, according to Hobbes. However, it has the power to control peoples’ rights, coin currency, start or end wars, create peace, or elect war officials. The sovereign also has the powers of all executive right and if something is unspoken, it belongs to the sovereign. These are all the things that man consents to when “agreeing” to the contract of the Leviathan. There’s not really a specific contract that a man signs with the sovereign, yet he is bound by it. They are in a commonwealth, and immediately reap the benefits. Man does have the ability to transfer the contract though. Once consent comes, though, one must follow the sovereign forever without further consent. Consent can never be take away though. Consent plays a very interesting role in the Leviathan, it is initially the base for the Leviathan to be created, but then Hobbes is confronted by an abundance of questions regarding how much power man’s consent…show more content…
Man wants to live with leisure, safety, and happiness, but it is impossible to do so in the state of nature, filled with anarchy. Through the social contracts, built with consent between at least two men, man evolved out of the state of nature. Without the consent of men, there would be no foundation for the Leviathan. Although not directly consented to, the Leviathan, the sovereign state, has maximum, and near absolute authority over all its subjects. There would be no social contracts, no Leviathan, no reason to complete contracts, and no happiness for man, trapped in an eternal state of nature. Consent to the sovereign, to the social contracts, to certain liberties, all adds up to the real foundation of Hobbes’s

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