Relationship Development Strategy: Genx7 Business

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Relationship Development Strategy Audience Description Genx7 productions is an urban lifestyle marketing agency. Genx7 target markets are technology, fashion, health care, and nonprofits. The businesses that Genx7 represents are the companies that are searching for a voice in the Latino and African-American communities. Genx7 is expanding into cities such as Denver, Houston, Ft.Lauderdale , Detroit, Austin, and Charlotte. The clients Genx7 works with range from small business to corporate. Genx7 works with clients who have a specific need to reach Audience Intentions Genx7 productions obtain valuable information from urban communities to pass along to its clients. The information collected is analyzed and evaluated on different lifestyles.…show more content…
As a competitive persona, Genx7 productions use this role to attract its larger, corporate clients. As a competitive role, this approach will allow Genx7 productions to use technicality and special opportunities to create something that will shock the competition. The plan will be unique and it will have the competition wondering and questioning their techniques. This plan will have to create with a sense of urgency due to stay one-step ahead of competitors. Spontaneous. The spontaneous approach is going to be geared to Genx7 productions client in the fashion, magazine, and print ad industry. Magazines and print ads have a way of reaching people on an emotional level. As a spontaneous persona these are fast paced decisions that are created when a clients’ customer feels a certain way. Genx7 productions will use this approach to create images for their clients’ base on buying on impulse.…show more content…
When nonprofits need to retrieve lifestyle information it will be detailed information that is well thought out and constructed for the clients. Most nonprofits reach individuals emotionally These campaigns are thought out and benefit the nonprofit clients with information they can get to their clients to make a profit for their company. Genx7 production will work with these clients on their needs to make sure they have an emotional fit to reach the hearts of the consumers and the community members. Methodical. Genx7 productions will use the methodical persona to work with its health care and pharmaceutical clients. Everything that Genx7 productions generate for these clients have a plan that will line up with scientific evidence and research. Genx7 productions will take advantage of this persona because will allow for detailed information that doesn’t have fast paced deadlines to meet. This process will allow for changes that create the best marketing plan for the client. Online

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