Safeguarding Task 1

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SAFEGUARDING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE. TASK 1A. UNDERSTANDING THE FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE INCIDENCE OF ABUSE AND HARM TO SELF AND OTHERS. INTRODUCTIONS. Safeguarding is a humanistic approach which focus on treating people with dignity and respect. It also treat individual as unique and important. Children should also be protected from harm and abuse. Safeguarding might be difficult to accept, but every child can be hurt or put at risk of harm and abuse, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity. (NSPCC). 1.1 Why individuals such as children, the elderly, people with learning difficulties and other groups may be vulnerable to abuse and/or harm to self and others. What is abuse? Abuse can be improper use of things or an individual. TYPES OF ABUSES. There are different types of abuses like – social, emotional, sexual abuses, neglect and act of omission, discriminatory abuse, and threat, misuse of funds/financial abuse, self-harm, drugs,…show more content…
People who leave alone tend to depend on others and can be isolated with limited access to social networks. Also people who live with family members are subjected to abuses by a family member. Like Mrs. P. was subjected to lack of privacy and financial abuses by her own son. She now depend on him for everything and her vulnerability has now increased and her son now treats her without dignity and no respect. UNDERSTAFFING. Not having enough staff to work with vulnerable persons. For this reason, some care providers do not check to see which staff is on the Protection of Vulnerable Adults List (POVA, 2004). This contain the list of people ban from working with both adults and children. It was put in place by the Care Standard Acts, 2000. All people who work with vulnerable people are required by law to register with the Vetting and Barring Scheme (2010). If Mrs. P’s son was vetted, he would have been found to belong to the group of POVA, focus on people who work with adults. FUNCTIONALLY

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