First Level Of Research Design: Starbucks: Case Study Questions

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Question 1: A) There are 2 main levels of any research design, Starbucks will have to go through the 2 levels in order to have an efficient research resulting into good outcome that will help the brand sustain its brand image. The first level of the research design consists of 6 main categories. The first step is to define the research problem at hand, moving on; researcher will start thinking about the end use of the data. After then will start deciding on the sort of evidence needed to obtain this research, deciding on the units of analysis in conducting this research. After the above steps, the researcher starts deciding on how he wants to build the research structure, last step of the first level of research design is deciding on the design…show more content…
When conducting a secondary research the researcher doesn’t have to apply the primary one as the secondary research identifies the problem and answers questions with no need for the primary research. It also helps in designing the questionnaire and determines the nature of the evidence required to clarify the problem. Secondary research helps in designing effecting questions which leads to a better understanding of the issue and the wider context of the problem…show more content…
It is useful in helping to identify a problem, focus on the nature of a problem and analyze the issues involved. It can be used to look for new insights or to reach a greater understanding of an issue. For example, you might conduct exploratory research to understand how consumers react to new product concepts or ideas for advertising. This can be used by Starbucks to identify how to sustain their success and also to check their opportunities in the market. Descriptive research is used in finding the answers to questions such as whom? What? Where? When? How? How many? While exploratory research can provide description the descriptive research offers a clearer and more precise insight if the issue. Descriptive research aims to build a picture of a market, a set of customers, a social phenomenon, and a set of experiences. Causal or explanatory research addresses the why questions: Why do people choose brand A and not brand B? Why are some customers satisfied with our service and others not? Why do some prisoners use drugs and others not? What might explain this? We design explanatory or causal research to answer these types of questions, to allow us to rule out rival explanations and come to a conclusion, to help us develop causal

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