Person-Centered Theory Case Study

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Exploring Your Theoretical Orientation As I have now explored theories, I have identified myself currently to be congruent with person-centered theory. With resources of information provided by Halbur & Halbur, I have been able to dissect parts of the theory. According to the Institute of Professional Counsellors, an organization training in multiple theories, “The humanistic approach views people as capable and autonomous, with the ability to resolve their difficulties, realize their potential, and change their lives in positive ways”. This approach is vital in person-centered theory which focuses on the perspective of the client as leading therapeutic growth, these are the goals. Due to the open-mindedness in this approach, the service population…show more content…
As previously described, the Humanistic School of Thought has a philosophy that humans are autonomous. The counseling relationship revolves around unconditional positive regard of the client and a phenomenological perspective. The perspective of unique perception of each human being is distinct from one another. This unique perception affected by experiences and exposures of life affect the client’s treatment (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, 2007) (Halbur & Halbur, 2015) (Rogers, 1954). When researching information regarding Person-Centered Theory, Carl Rogers was the identified theorist who pioneered and proposed this approach. Along the years other theorists have contributed smaller fragments of ideas. But, Carl Rogers provided the…show more content…
There are many other theories and techniques integrated to the treatment with clients; this is based off of the client’s individual needs. Other theories used are cognitive behavioral, solution focused, as well as behavioral. Currently, my internship location is at the main site of La Red Health Center in Georgetown, DE. At this sight I work under Janet Urdahl, LCSW that oversees the behavioral health department. Ms. Urdahl’s other role is that of Behavioral Health Consultant. The Behavioral Health Consultant is a bridge in services between all medical departments and the behavioral health department. Usually, in other medical settings a client being referred to behavioral health services is scheduled for a separate appointment to receive services in another agency or in-house if that department exists within that agency. Scheduled appointments can range from being scheduled within one week to a month. The Behavioral Health Consultant role at La Red Health Center eliminates that complication by providing same-day consultation for behavioral health. This increases the rate of continued behavioral health care for patients being referred for services. The Behavioral Health Consultant follows-up with the client as needed until the client is able to begin therapy with a counselor in the behavioral health

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