Person Centred Therapy Research Paper

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As a Social care Practitioner, there are many different non-directive counselling techniques accessible in supporting me with my work. In this assignment, I will discuss the use of Person Centred therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy and Axline Play therapy as no-directive approaches to counselling. The core concept of non-directive counselling is a method to counselling in which the counsellor does not suggest any direction to the client. The sessions are meant to be led by the client regarding what aspects or problems the client would/wouldn’t like to discuss and the conclusions which the client decides to reach. The Person Centred therapeutic approaches are widely used in the treatment of mental health disorders…show more content…
Person Centred Therapist attempts to soften opposition by avoiding assessment and advice and trusting the client’s essential ability for personal development to facilitate change. The client is encouraged to be more emotionally associated, focused on the present and to be/in the of the process of self-actualisation. Person Centred Therapy is not problem driven. It is the reliance on inner release and the distinctive impulse towards self-actualisation could potentially be an inappropriate form of therapy for clients who have compulsive and depressive problems. Allowing the client to direct the development of the conversation while practicing unconditional positive regard, this could potentially lead to the Person Centred counsellor ignoring challenging behaviour and irrational beliefs while overlooking unknown, unconscious problems core dysfunction. The process of actualisation can be hindered by inner disharmony which results when incongruence between the mixtures of experience, the emotion associated with the experience and the action taken developing in emotional and behavioural

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