Importance Of Islamic Work Ethics

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Chapter 1 Introduction Nowadays, every organization either public or private sector faces great competition among each other. They have competed for resource and adapt with the rapid change in technologies. The organization should manage their survival plan for short-term and long-term goals. Organization Learning is very important aspects to be concern with to make this plan is implemented. Development of knowledge and skills is based on how much the learning session and how quality the learning session. Islamic Work Ethics are parallel to the concept of ethics that are derived from the Quran and Sunnah with provides ideological foundation for a variety of individual attribute that promote economic development. The argument is how much awareness and effect of Islamic work ethics can boost the quality of Learning in that organization. Background of Study Islamic Work Ethics…show more content…
The Islamic Work Ethics stresses creative and innovative work as a source of pleasure and achievement (A. J. Ali, 1992; A. J. Ali & Al-Owaihan, 2008; Kumar & Rose, 2010). Islamic Work Ethics signify that carry out business in a determined atmosphere will result in higher performance and extensive success (A. J. Ali & Al-Owaihan, 2008). According to the Islamic Work Ethics there should be fairness and honesty in trade and at workplace (Yousef, 2000). Islamic Work Ethics promote innovative and productive work in each and every position held by the employees for the better performance of the overall organization and individual satisfaction and pleasure (A. Ali,

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