Explain Why I Want To Be An Internist

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My life experiences are very neatly distributed in contrasting locations all around the globe: Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, China, and Michigan. The uniqueness of each new country, culture, society and school can be a difficult experience for many. I was very fortunate to have the constant caring support of my parents who encouraged independent thinking, open mindedness and rational decision making. This brought about an inquisitive nature and intellectual curiosity. I have always been a very compassionate person and grew up with a humanistic spirit to care for and value the gift of life. With my admission into medical school, I aspired of building a career in a field that would enable me to take care of adults and children with any health…show more content…
During my internship I remember encountering a young 16 year old patient, who was a prince belonging to the royal family, presenting with the chief complaint of hiccups, and on the other hand a 90 year old male who insisted that he was fine but couldn't even tell where he was. An internist applies his comprehensive knowledge and analysis to each individual patient, using both evidence based medicine and promising new research. In Internal medicine, you get the opportunity to learn, contemplate, problem-solve, teach, and to touch and empathize with every patient. As an internist, I will apply my inquisitive nature and problem-solving skills to approach a diagnosis and combine the use of procedures, pharmacology, and evidence-based patient care to propose…show more content…
And, while volunteering at a free clinic in India, I got to spend time learning from patients about Ayurvedic treatments primarily used by the underserved population for all kinds of medical needs. It was a fascinating experience to learn about the wide spectrum of investigative, diagnostic and treatment modalities used across the globe. Besides being keenly interested in medicine, I was also part of my university soccer team and took part in the yearly marathon. Thanks to my personal interests, skill set, and proficient talents, I am able to connect with patients at every level. I am a fast learner, good communicator, excellent listener, and I am very comfortable with a variety of

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