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It was Monday morning the second week of high school and my day wasn’t starting out that great. I had hit the snooze button on my alarm a few times to many and only had fifteen minutes to reach the bus for school. After throwing on some clothes, most likely the same I had used the day before, I rushed out of the house and started on the seven-hundred meters to the bus stop from where I lived. I quickly realized I had forgotten my backpack and had to spend precious time on going back to fetch it. Fortunately, the bus driver noticed me waving and waited for me. I must have looked like a complete idiot when I got on the bus, wheezing and barely able to stand. Not that anyone was paying attention though. The six people already on the bus were either…show more content…
The person staring back at me did look like me, which wasn’t saying much. I had always had a girly face and received more than my fair share of teasing for it. The only noticeable difference I could see was that it seemed softer somehow. I don’t know, it just looked feminine. After studying my reflection more closely I noticed my eyebrows had shrunk somehow and the bags under my eyes were gone. The changes were barely noticeable and easily explained away. The single facial hair I had grown was also nowhere to be seen. I had actually been quite proud of that one hair and had fantasised about one day growing a beard. I wouldn’t to be able to do that anymore of course unless I joined a circus or something. If someone asked, I’d just tell them I shaved every day. The two mounds on my chest had grown enough to be pushing at my t-shirt slightly, but as long as I didn’t push my chest out nobody would notice. As long as they didn’t grow much more I could easily hide them beneath a baggy t-shirt or sweeter. After a while of just staring at my chest I gingerly reached up and cupped the two mounds… Breasts, they were most certainly breasts. I blushed as I realized the first breasts I had touched were my own. At least I had touched some, which was more

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