How To Spend Money On College Essay

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Why Spend Money on College? It's amazing how you can spend money and time into trying to go to college but after all that hard work there's so many challenges to even survive or get a job with the degrees you went to college for. Imagine spending four years learning about a job and after graduating college and looking for a job it becomes difficult because you got zero hands on training during your years of college. why go to college just to be in the position to think that your future job will pay you lots of money, when it wont. Almost every college has a high percentage of students who after leaving college are in deep debt. Most students have to take out student loans. College is not worth the cost because it leaves many students in debt and bad wages after college, and doesn't give them hands on training, and four years of college isn’t needed. A…show more content…
college graduates make more than those without a degree. ‘In the 1980s and particularly in the 1990s, hourly wages for young college-educated men in 2000 were $22.75, but that dropped by almost a full dollar to $21.77 by 2010. For young college-educated women, hourly wages fell from $19.38 to $18.43 over the same period.’ (“Shierholz, Heidi”). Almost every year or every other year wages drop about 1 dollar and some change. Wages for college grads are now lower then they were 15 years ago (Huffpost). For the 15 years wages have been just going down for students after college and student went to school thinking that the wages would be good because they went to school for it. Female grads earn less than male almost a whole dollar less than male.(huffpost). Not only do student not earn that much after college, females don't even get as much as males and females work just as hard as males do. Students wages went down a whole dollar since the year of 2000. Student after college wages are low and the past few years they have got lower than they ever have
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