Coleman's Case: Riverside Pediatric Associates Case

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Coleman would be placed in the high strategic vision under dreamer category as depicted in Exhibit 13.1 (Daft, 2015 p. 395). He has big dreams and ideas for bringing his new-found company forward, by involving VP Deacon and a team to assist in the new plan development. Whereas, Coleman effectively, at least initially, inspired others to generate their own ideas through active participation but failed at the strategic action side of the doer. He was still trying to complete his action a year later and it seemed he lacked the ability to move his action into reality. VP Deacon would be placed high in both strategic vision and strategic action, as “The Doer” and “The Dreamer,” when these traits coincide, a great leader performs his job to the best of his abilities. A great doer pushes even when he knows the leadership will fail him.…show more content…
Refer to the case on pp. 487-488 of Daft 6th edition and answer these questions: • Assume you are Sanchez or Hudson and plan to implement immediate organizational change within the practice. Where would you start? What steps would you take? • Sanchez and Hudson are caught between being physicians and being leaders of their practice. How do you suggest they resolve this dilemma? What leadership qualities will Sanchez and Hudson need to display in order to lead positive change in their practice? After hearing news that their medical practice was in financial trouble, Dr. Sanchez realized that things had to change. Dr. Sanchez wrote down ideas on what was needed for the practice to survive: (1) improve service to patients and families; (2) improve respect and collaborative communication among the staff; (3) save money; (4) collect fees from patients in a timely manner; and (5) encourage innovation and creativity from staff to solve routine problems (Daft, p. 488). Dr. Sanchez knew where the practice needed to end up but was unsure how to apply these concepts in order to achieve the

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