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My journey to get to where I am today was anything but smooth and easy. As a child, preteen, teen, early adult, and anything in between, I have gone through things that I wish I didn’t have to go through. There were good and bad times, but the ones that stick with me make quite the stories. Family fights or friend gossip will make your life seem like it’s at rock bottom. You might not believe me, but you can only go up from there. The journey is not always easy, but I promise that in the end, you will be glad you made it. During middle school, life was the toughest and most confusing it has even been for me. (Hanna 59) . Entering a new place with the “big kids” is a big step from elementary school. For me however, this wasn’t a good change. Anxiety hit me in the face more than imaginable in those three years ( Hanna 60) . I had one good friend, but was always being tormented. Kids were mean to me, especially due to the fact that I was a bit overweight and showed off my Walmart outfits (Hanna 60). I hated…show more content…
I wanted to join social media because I would feel relief when watching vines and videos, and I thought I had potential. I started off making comedy videos in my freetime, praying that nobody from school or my family would see them (Hanna 123). It was my biggest fear to have my family or kids at school see them, because judgement would erode. Once people found them and I gained followers, I didn’t even care. It was a way for me to express who I am, and that meant the world to me (Hanna 124). Finally, I was growing on Vine and Youtube and I didn’t know what to do or think.The bullies have given me something I’ll always cherish, you all. I wouldn’t trade you all for anything and I thank you for loving me throughout this crazy ride (Hanna 126). I will continue to push through all hate, because it got me here today. To wrap up a story, I want so say how much I love you (Hanna
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