College Pressure By William Zinsser

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Employed college students experience an immense amount pressures, yet manage to find a way to cope. For instance, they may face family, work, or academic complications that may overwhelm them with various amounts of pressure. Even though pressure can cause challenges in an employed college students life, there are still different ways that they can overcome these problems. Coping with tremendous amount of pressure can greatly help employed college students. One pressure that employed college students have to deal with more than any other is academic pressure. College consumes a great amount of time which requires an immense amount of time dedicated to assignments that are given. In “College Pressure” By William Zinsser, he states that there…show more content…
As Zinsser says in his essay “The pressure is almost as heavy on students who just want to graduate and get a job” (511). Even though many college students face this mental stress on them, the physical stress that work puts on them does not accommodate them simultaneously. Physical stress just like moving boxes and driving to a location that might be distant or agricultural work, are just to name a few examples. One way they can face such physical hardships is by enjoying a warm shower to release tension in the muscles or unwinding to their favorite musician. Furthermore, having to deal with impolite coworkers might cause mental stress to many college students. When dealing with impolite coworkers, there might be issues such as not completing a task that was assigned or not having acceptable communication with one another. While having this mental stress, college students may have the opportunity to better their relationship with coworkers. Furthermore, bettering their work environment can also improve their communication dilemmas leading to less…show more content…
Particularly, some college students may have children of their own to support, which can result in pressure while school and work are in play. For instance, some college students may face certain situations. This may include not having someone to take care of their children while being at work or attending school. Even though they might have this stress, some colleges do offer a child care program that will care for the child while the students are participating in their college courses.This can help them cope with their pressure by not worrying about their children. As well as the pressure a college student might have about the care of their children, they might also face the stress of financially supporting their family whilst having to deal with the financial burden of school. For instance, college students probably have to face the obstacle of paying for their family needs, personal expenses, utilities, mortgage/rent, and their courses out of their own pocket because not every college student receives financial aid. If a student finds themselves in this stressful predicament, there are options that can assist them. For example, applying for scholarships, grants and subsidized loans can help them cope with their financial stress. Also, college students should manage what they spend their money on. This can dramatically reduce their mental stress and not worry so much on how

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