Tug-O-War In The 1960's

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The 1960's was a very eventful decade, with all the conflict, space travel, and inventions. Some ideas to describe it would be tug-o-war or disagreements in peaceful and non-peaceful conflict. Another one would be space race, where the Americans and Soviets were using their technology to see who can get into space faster. The final topic would be Timeless, popular things from the 60's that have stood the test of time. All of these have some sort of impact on our lives today and that's why they're still remembered and important to our society. Tug-O-War means that people are constantly fighting over something until one side falls. This can be a peaceful or non-peaceful argument. One of the aggressive arguments was about the Vietnam war. This war was to stop communism in Vietnam as North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union and The Peoples Republic of China. Many Americans were against the war and instead of using violent acts they used peaceful ways of protest,…show more content…
One of these creations is the comic book character Spiderman, created by Stan Lee. Spiderman still remains a beloved character today and has many movies and other products based on the character. In Arkansas, Sam Walton in Rogers made the first Walmart, which is the biggest store in the grocery business today after many years of being open, and also made him very rich. The mini-skirt was invented by Mary Quant in London, where it became a huge hit and is still a trend today in many parts of the globe. Other classics could include the Beatles, a very popular band that many people still remember and listen to today. The Volkswagen Beetle, the people's car, the Ford Mustang, the main muscle car of the 60's, and the computer coding language basic, which is remembered for not being that great. These are some classic inventions from the 60's that are still loved by many around the

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