Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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NCAA Essay College sports, one of the biggest part in the sport scene. Many people watch college sports because they play at a collegiate level which many scouts can look to see if they have the potential of playing at a professional level. Even though the NCAA makes abundance of money from college athletes each year, these athletes should not be pay to play. Despite the fact that they train, work, and play hard, they don’t deserve money because of what they love to do. The main reason is because money corrupts people and adding salaries for the athletes will destroy their love and principle of basketball. They are still college students and if money is involved, then they couldn’t focus on their real resolve, playing just for the love the game. One reason why many people love watching college sports is to see the young, dedicated, athletes perform in such a high level. Many people might watch it because it reminds them about their old days when they play at a collegiate level. It brings nostalgia and enjoyment to those who love the sport. Although college sports are fun to watch, it’s most likely the last place for the athlete to play in a organized team unless that athlete makes it and goes to becoming a professional player…show more content…
Most likely, the athlete that does well in their games will have more money on the team which might provoke some players in doing harmful acts just to get the most money. One article made a valid statement which states, “Additionally, if universities paid college athletes, it would make the disparity between large and small university athletic teams even greater" (Block 2). This says that many large college schools will have a better chance of getting more players than a smaller college because a larger college will have more money than a smaller
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