Love Is Soulless Short Speech

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LIFE IS BLESS AND LOVE IS BLISS Of the many that has come and gone, of the many that exists and survives, humans are the ones that are complex. They are simple yet vividly complex. Each one is a mystery within. Yet everyone has commonness within; the commonness that keeps humans surviving and that commonness is called ‘Love’. We, as humans forge to act and tend to forget, that existence is merely to love and continue survival. We forget our purpose; instead, we pursue and seek a purpose elsewhere. The pursuit never ends until the ‘soulless’ lays down. Not all of us or our ‘mystic souls’ are blessed. Not all are blessed with ‘the third eye’; those, with that third eye reach serenity. All others are granted a choice; a choice…show more content…
Some joins and journeys together. Some leaves and leaves memories. Some change the rider’s path; some makes the ‘ride’ itself stop. Some carry love along and those are the choice that is offered. If we choose ‘love’ and choose ‘to love’ then the third eye is reached. The rider also takes various forms; 'The crawler, the learner, the explorer, the first seeker, the lover, the solitude dreamer, the runner, the second seeker, the third seeker, the second crawler and the sleeper.' Each of these forms are unique and the search in each form is simple and same. It is the search towards that choice, the choice of love. Third eye makes the ride and the journey easy. ‘Third eye’, makes us see beyond. With third eye, envy is lost. With the third eye, jealously is lost. With third eye, anger is lost. With third eye all that uncanny is lost and love is secured. “Life is bless and Love is bliss”, is a devotion to that very complex ‘Life’ and that choice offered ‘Love’. Each one of the poetry has within itself a story to tell; a story that speaks of parts of life and its love. And if the poetry is read together it speaks of a tale, the tale of human life. It is an ‘ode’; an ode to all those seeing souls.…show more content…
The one that has witnessed war and war so many.' Resting her 'petite' frame on that bark, She was waiting. Love is in her eyes And hope is in her heart. 'Princess' of a rivalry, she is. Our love was never fore-told and never meant to exist. We clasped, kissed and loved. We looked, lived and loved. Until she took that 'potion'; And embalmed us eternity; forever, in those barks. ………………thecritics Picture courtesy @ 1dbrf10 EMOTION -20 EMBRACED IN LOVE HE “Days in heaven are mystic. But days with you are my days in heaven. But my dear, it is time to move on! Don’t ask me “why”?? Don’t ask me “where”? For I haven’t found answers yet. Maybe, to another soulless planet. Do not worry. Do not search. For, I, will be there as that morning sunshine, And as that midnight moon. I will be that breeze and caress you. I will be that drizzle and kiss you. Omnipresent, I will be, around you. All I say now, is “good bye”! But that is not to part with you. It is just not to hurt you, anymore. It won’t make me forget you. But instead will make me love you

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