Religion In Me And My House By James Baldwin

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James Baldwin was a writer born in 1924. He lived in Harlem, New York, until he was 24 and then moved to France. When James was three years old, his mother married David Baldwin, a Baptist minister, who gave his surname to the boy. Since he was a child, Baldwin followed his stepfather’s habits from the church, and became a youth minister at the age of 14. However, Baldwin claimed in Me and My House… that his father’s feelings towards the church were different from his own, “the church for him was almost literally a way of getting back at white people. He had God, and God would judge them” (Baldwin 56). James always loved reading and helped taking care of eight younger brothers while developing his love for the books “As they were born, I took them over with one hand and held a book with the other” (Baldwin 4).…show more content…
He became a writer very early in life, but researches¹ about the connection he had with religion show that even after he left church at the age of 17, he would still write and base his morals, choices and political points on the bible and religion. Baldwin suffered with prejudice not only for being black, but also for being homosexual. He and his father had a difficult relationship and people from his own community would try to make him come back to church to be saved. Because of all those facts, he decided to speak up and make the difference, talking about the problems black people suffered in America during that period, and portrayed his rebellion in his books, stories and

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