People To Get Out Of Poverty Essay

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People in poverty are responsible to get themselves out of poverty. There is 14.5% of people living in poverty today. That’s no laughing matter. THe world is filled with poverty but they can always get themselves out. They have every right in the world to get out. It starts with them first. There are a lot of opportunities to help them get out. That is up to them to take it or leave it there for someone else to take. Yes, they can sit on the side of the road with a cardboard box asking for money. Those people aren’t going to do anything but depend on that money. They are taking the easy way out because they probably don’t want to find something because they think it's too hard. Well, what if they didn’t do that and looked for a job or small work to help get them out rather than waiting got someone to give them their hard earned money. You could take that opportunity but you have to make that chose yourselves. How much are you going to risk to take or leave that opportunite? It starts with you getting…show more content…
It starts with education. Having a great education can get you somewhere later in life. Education comes free with no charge to it. If you don’t take a FREE opportunite then you really most not to get that diploma to get out and explore the real world and get a great job that can pay you well with at diploma you got. A diploma can help you a lot with a job depending how high it is. You may say well you can still be in poverty and have an education. Yes, that is true but in the Global Partnership for Education states “Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increase income.” Education shouldn’t be treated lightly. Education can save and help you earn money and with that high school and college degree that is more money that you can have to help you in the long run. Go to a school for your dream job and stick with it because after you have a proper education finding a job will be easy and you can start saving that
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