Comparing Douglass 'Learning To Read And Write'

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Slavery in not dead in the United States because it still exist amount other people. There are many immigrant people in the United States who are illegal. Therefore they are treated badly from their employers. In this essay you will find out the terrible situation illegal immigrant go through in the in the United stated. Just like in the essay by Frederick Douglass “Learning to Read and Write”. Douglass talks about the way he learned to read and write; and the difficulties he went through as he was growing up. His owner did not want him to get an education to learn anything that would make him a valuable person. Since Douglass really wanted to read and write even though his owner didn’t want him to, that didn’t stop his aspiration to become a person of character; and also the essay from Gary Soto “One Last Time” which talks about an immigrant family working here in the United State; and it also talk about how hard they have to work to be wealthy. In both of these essay there are some struggle; thus slavery still exist in the United States among deprived people. Imagine some people that are working in a field in the state off Wyoming. They are cleaning beans. It is over one…show more content…
There are some laws that are giving the immigrant workers their right. There is an established minimum wage and the minimum age for the kids to be able to work, nut this law is ignored many of the times from the employers. Something need to be done soon so the mistreatment of the immigrant workers will come to an end. The only way this would stop against the immigrant workers is if they get permits to work here in America, this would allow them to work here in America legally. If these workers were illegally, then they employers could not take advantage of them as they often do now. Secondly the government need to make sure that they will treated right and that they will be

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