How Successful Is College A Waste Of Time?

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School is a waste of time and is not intended for everyone. Parents have been telling their children for generations that higher education is a must and the only way to be successful is to attend college. Students are overwhelmed with intense passion of so many students making them believe that there is no other alternative but to attend a college. There are many people who are successful that never finished or even started college. Attending college is not a cost efficient investment that can have many negative consequences that can ruin your life. College is a waste of time that cause a decline in time management, which can lead to financial troubles and stress problems. College is a bad investment that has no guarantee of an immediate…show more content…
The life of a college student is not cheap and definitely not easy. A lot of student work a part time job in order to pay for school, but even with a part time job it is not enough especially if they're living alone. A college, moving out from home has to face with the ultimate reality of bills such as tuition, rent, food, phone bills and much more that often times can be too much which makes them really on credit cards. As their living expense increases, so do their credit card bills, according to the article Do College Students Borrow Too Much—Or Not Enough, stated, “Borrowing to finance education expenditures has been increasing- more than quadrupling in real dollars since the early 1990’s.” This may be too much to handle for some student that they don’t know what to do which may lead them into a wrong path. According the article Credit card debt on college campuses: causes, consequences, and solutions, I said “Manning (1999) reported an average credit card debt of $2,226 while Norvilitis, Szablicki, and Wilson (in press) found an average debt of $1,518 among all students. The consequences can be serious. There have been at least two cases widely reported in the media by college students who took their lives, in part because of their credit card debt.” Many students have never had to deal with financial troubles, which can make them stress out and create health
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