The Cask Of Amontillado Literary Analysis

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Inebriated, ill, imprudent – these are the flawed characteristics of the victim in the story „The Cask of Amontillado“ written by Edgar Allan Poe. Fortunato dons the costume of the court fool. His silly attire is in marked contrast to Montresor’s rather Gothic appearance. Pitiful ludicrous Fortunato has no idea that cunning Montresor is luring him to his death. It grows apparent that the costume of the court fool is adequate for this man oblivious of what is happening to him. As Montresor leads Fortunato through the catacombs toward the Amontillado, one frequently hears Fortunato’s bells jingle. It can be concluded that each ringing of the bells brings Fortunato closer to his dreadful fate. As bells often stand for time, Edgar Allan Poe suggests
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