Attack The Spirit Bear Character Analysis

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I believe that is was man vs self for a couple of reasons. I know has a fact that is was Cole that decided to burn down his supplies. Cole who decided to attack the Spirit Bear and almost get killed. Finally it was Cole who thought it was a great idea to try to swim back to the mainland. Even though this problems is nature it is his decision of making these actions which have caused harm to him. Cole has made a big mistake in burning down his supplies. Cole believed that in him burning down his supplies proves to everyone that he doesn’t need their help we know this because on page twenty-four Cole thinks this "The shelter filled with supplies was a buyout, something that allowed his parents and everyone else to pretend they had helped him."…show more content…
We know it was Cole’s fault for attacking the Spirit Bear because on page sixty-five Cole does this "When Cole advance brought him ten feet of the Spirit Bear, he made his move. He flung the spear with all his strength, fully intending to kill." Honestly what was Cole expecting to accomplish by his actions this just proves that it was Cole’s stupidity is what caused him to fail the banishment. Cole was stupid to try and kill the Spirit Bear and I know that it is not the bears fault for hurting Cole. It was Cole who decided to attack the bear it was Cole who wanted it dead, the bear was only defending itself. That is why I know was Cole’s fault for failing the banishment not the…show more content…
Cole almost died by doing this because on page thirty-four it reads "He gulped at the air. He had to make it before he froze to death." This proves once again that Cole’s actions are causing him to harm himself. He cannot blame nature for jumping into the water and trying to swim away. Throughout the entire book Cole is always trying to scheme and manipulate everything on page thirty-two it reveals Cole’s plan of how he would escape the island "He could swim island to island, stopping at each to warm up, eat, and sleep. Sooner or later there would be a passing boat to take him back to the mainland." This is another countless example of how Cole Matthews always tries to get out of facing his consequences. When I read this I made a connection to our core values at my school one of the being responsibility which Cole does not show when trying to get out of facing his punishments. The reason Cole thinks this is shown on page six when Cole thinks this "Whatever happened, he could always count on having one more last chance." This is important because you only having one chance at

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