Argumentative Essay: The Bill Of Rights

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A young child spends the majority of her morning sobbing, begging her mother to allow her to stay home from school. If she goes to school, she is about to face a day of being excluded and ridiculed by her second grade class. Due to her religion, she must cover most of her face when in public. The children in her school do not accept or include her, and judge her based on her attire. She thinks similarly, acts similarly, and has similar interests as her fellow classmates, but that does not stop them from segregating and degrading her. A man shows up to the church he has been going to for years, only to be told to leave. After marrying his husband, he has been kicked out, being told he is no longer a “good person”. He still believes and acts the same way he had before his church discovered he was homosexual, but now that they know, everything they knew about him was void. It does not matter to them how good of a character he had in the past. He can no longer attend the church that has become a major part of his life. This is the problem with America. What do I want for America? Freedom in its truest sense. Not freedom to…show more content…
The Bill of Rights gives the people of America many rights pertaining to our freedom. Many people in our history have fought for increased freedom; Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, and Susan B. Anthony. The enemy of freedom is the desire of the masses to make the individual conform. How many times have you refrained from acting in a certain way due to a fear of being judged? The judgement of our country is a creator of many people’s unhappiness. In our country, we have a sort of standard for a ‘normal’ person. In today’s ‘free’ America, a normal person dresses a certain way, listens to mainstream music, styles their hair in a common fashion, worships the Christian God, and supports the local sports team on the
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