Is College The Way To Go Analysis

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Is College the way to go? Stephanie Owens, and Isabel Sawhill both make good observations for determining “is college the way to go”? Giving the reader a chance to see if college is for them, or if choosing a different path would benefit them best. The factors shown are your field of study, whether a student graduates, or post – graduation occupation. They outline important steps policy makers can take to ensure every person makes smart investments. For most students coming out of high school it’s like freshman year all over again. That follows through with the first factor mentioned as “your field of study”. The field of study plays a big part for most college students, as it sets the foundation for meeting your short or long term goals. Most students change major’s more than once, leaving the student behind in their academic journey adding more years to their schooling than needed. Whether a student graduates were the last factor, as most students aren’t prepped for college as they come from high school. This results in money wasted, and students giving up feeling like college isn’t for them. College has been known to help students pursue their future goals; however, there are…show more content…
Ethos, pathos, and logos that can be found all over the article. As you read, you come to find there are many charts and graphs. This gives the reader a glimpse from a logical perspective, pure evidence to see if that degree is worth it. The pathos, or Money, or having a wealthy background is a factor which puts students behind in what they want for their future. On average a student at a community college could pay over one thousand dollars being full time. Same goes for a university student that could pay double that without the books for classes. People make a college out to be beneficial, but is it just hurting their former alumni by putting them in debt for years to
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