Gerald Graff Hidden Intellectualism

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Will college student been more engage in learning if teachers use subject that interested them? In his article “Hidden intellectualism” Gerald Graff stated his idea of encouraging students to learn by using subject that encouraging students to learn by using subject that they like, such as cars, sports, and fashion. To support this he talks about his adolescent experience when he hates reading books and only thing he cared about was sports. From him liking sports, he stated liking sport magazines and that made him more focusing on developing an interest in reading. Although Graff makes some good points I believe that most college student has a career goal and learning about non - academic subject is a waste of their time. Students need to learn new things to brown their minds. Graft stated “ We assume that it’s possible was intellectual about Plato, Shakespeare, the French Revolution and nuclear fashion, but not about cars , dating, fashion, sports, TV, or video games” (245). Learning about academic subject like Plato, Shakespeare, and the French Revolution help students develop their reading comprehension skill. Students will be able to improve their academic skills in reading, writing, science and math. They can also develop their knowledge in writing becoming a better writer and poets.…show more content…
Even Graff approve it “Student do need to read models of intellectually challenging writing_ and Orwell is a great one _if they are to becoming intellectuals themselves” (245). Students have to learn about academic subject to become a successful professional. Learning about academic subject benefit to prepared for real life. Prepare them for their career, to become a future doctor, lawyer and many others. Some of academic skill can be use communicate with people with different back grown. Student learning about academic subject are more open mind, the view thing
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