Why College Isn T For Everyone Essay

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What does college symbolically represent? Is it the basis for the rest of one’s life? Or is it a big waste of time? In the United States of America, countless people attend college in order to pursue degrees. These degrees then can be used to obtain specific occupations. On top of all the hardwork used to get the degree, students are spending hundreds of thousands of their (or their parents) saved up money. But what does this spent money give you a successful life? Or does it give you a life full of debt? If one is unable to afford the hefty costs of college, maybe they should rethink it. A college education is only valuable when the student has the finances to pay. With all the money being spent at colleges, there still seems to be…show more content…
Their debt is still ready to be paid off plus they cannot obtain the degree they worked on to get the needed job, which would get the money to cure the debt. In the article, “Why College Isn’t for Everyone,” by Richard Vedder, the author states, “...making little more money, but having college debts and some lost earnings occurred while unsuccessfully pursuing a degree,” (Vedder,78). The loss of not having the aspiring degree they longed for is tough on a student. It is even more tough when there is a huge hole in their bank account. People who do not have the money in the first place cannot risk losing even more money to get nowhere except some possible college credit and a large chunk of debt. Students lose even more money while trying to pay for their college, this is because of loans. In the article, “New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays,” the author states, “Students who take out loans should consider the amount they will be obligated to pay,” (New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays, 63). Since they are unable to purchase school necessities, such as books, taking out a loan seems like a great idea to help pay. Then, there’s even more lost earnings than before. All simply because loans make you pay so much more than you took out. Someone who does not have the finances get nothing valuable from college, except the valuable lesson of living off of no

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