What's The Rush? Why College Can Wait By Linda Lee

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In today’s society, most students will choose to attend college after graduating from high school. However, this might not be the best option for high school graduates. College is the place that students transfer from teenagers to adults. Students’ lack of preparation for this transition will seriously affect their performance in college. Therefore, student shouldn’t go to college right after high school because they need more time to prepare themselves both finically and mentally. The statistics in the article “What’s the Rush? Why College Can Wait” by Linda Lee, showed that “30.6 percent of college freshmen did not return in the fall for their sophomore year” (Lee 1). The article mentioned that the number of students taking a break between high school and college is increasing. Once a student has a bad year in college, it is the most difficult baggage to get rid of. The reason…show more content…
Many college students don’t even know what they want to do in the future, they are wasting the time and money. Even some of them attend college just because their parents want them to. They physically are college students, but mentally not. However, Graduating from high school in a younger age will definitely help this problem. Teenagers have more time to try the real world before they get in college. During that time, they might get a job and start to live like an adult. Meanwhile, they will have more time to think if they want to attend college or not. Some of them might realize the importance of education from the unmerciful society. During all these works and thinking, they will become more mature and figure out what they want in the future. In addition, they make all the decisions by themselves. Nobody force them to do anything. It is more likely that they will become active learners. Due to all of these advantages, taking a break between high school and college will help one become a better college student in the

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