How Does Technology Improve Relationships Between People

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Technology has improved relationships between people. Over the years, technology has been in a constant state of improvement as from the days of mainframe computers and telegrams to the current electronic devices and emails. The development of technology has brought massive improvement in the way people communicate around the world. Almost everyone in the world has in some way converse with other people ameliorate by technology. Passing information throughout the world has been done by different ways over the years. From cave paintings back to 30,000 B.C the first form of communication to the Marathon Man running up to 150 miles in two days while passing out information. Even in the following years, communication endures limited as post mails still took weeks to be delivered and people would still walk and ride bikes to communicate and pass…show more content…
Technology has helped me by staying in contact with my close friends that have moved out of town. For example, back in the day when technology such as mobile homes, social media, and emails wasn’t available, it was hard to stay in contact with friends and relatives. But that does not case anymore I could send a text, or even do a video call even when my friends and relatives are thousands of miles away from me. Also, technology has also ameliorated at home, back in the day entertainment experiences would be living at that moment, but that’s not the case anymore it has changed to due to internet growth and social media. For example, now you could take pictures of your phone and post them to social media right away and send them to your families. Another technological improvement at home was plasma tv’s compared to CRT tv’s back in the day the televisions just showed black and grey documentaries and poor quality, but now the tv is flatter and documentaries are in colored which now you could even have a smart tv which has internet just like a computer and a

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