Importance Of Stereotypes And Misconceptions

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Labeling individuals have been implanted into all people's even at a young age, this is because everyone's first instinct when they see someone is judging them on how they look, are or even what they like. These judgements are known as stereotypes and misconceptions, they could be good or bad. Stereotypes and misconceptions are formed because everyone believes that everyone should belong to a group of people, when a human acts a particular way they are instantly put into a stereotype. Stereotypes are so known and used because everyone feels like people should fit in with a specific group. Sometimes stereotypes are emphasized so much that they become misconceptions. They're many different stereotypes for all different kinds of individuals for example someone could be given a…show more content…
Everyone is put into a group no matter how big or small they are, these groups are known as stereotypes and sometimes misconceptions. This is because everyone feels the need to label individuals based on their interests, this is not okay. This should be wrong because not everyone is how they look or portray themselves as. No one should be judged and put into a category by their interests or their hobbies. Everybody wants a place to fit in, but fitting in with a group can sometimes causes a person to be to be labeled as something they're not. If a person likes a certain thing, acts a certain way or even looks a certain way they are put into a group of “their people” also known as stereotypes. When labeled as a stereotype there are many things that a person is expected to be like, sometimes some of the things that a person is supposed to be like are so exaggerated it becomes a misconception. A stereotype is put

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