The Pros And Cons Of Communication

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In an era where people are more dependent on technology, it is almost impossible for someone to not use it to their advantages. The technology that I speak of includes social media like Facebook, Twitter and many more, has become an important part of our life, thus making serenades, love letters and secret notes given and received from a loved one seems more of a legend. This is so because most of the people tend to follow the trend blindly, for example, texting your loved one seems much easier than sending hand-written letters to each other. There are actually a lot of people having long-distance relationships that we do not know of because they would feel lonely when they talk to other people about their relationship knowing that they are not able to meet each other. Furthermore, a sincere relationship between two people who are mutually attracted to each other is not determined nor altered due to the way they converse. Therefore, I think…show more content…
Sending hand-written letters may be deemed a treasure by the receiver due to the fact that hand-written letters are filled with beautifully paragraphed words from thoughts to feelings of their loved ones thus making these letters more valuable than ever. However, the postage fees of sending these letters back and forth would soon cost more than owning a pet dog, especially when the letters are sent overseas. Moreover, this method of communicating takes up too much of their time as he or she would be waiting impatiently for each other’s letter to arrive at their doorstep. Even writing the letters would take up a lot of time because heartfelt letters are not written in seconds, sometimes it takes days to weeks just to fill up the pages of words with love. Therefore, I think conversing through social media does not sabotage a relationship, instead it helps by being able to text or exchange photographs without worrying about the postage
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