Harley Davison Case Study

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Introduction As a manager you always have to work hard to keep yourself up to date on what is happening in and out of your business, always have to look at internal and external factors. This assignment talks about how a manager must apply his strategies in a workplace. It discusses the Harley-Davison company on how it can improve and innovative in order to be always ahead of their competitors. GJ de J Cronje, M J Vrba, PJ Smith,T Brevis (2007:203) state, every organisation faces change. Change can originate from an external environment or within the organisation itself. An organisation can benefit from change if it manages the process carefully. Question 1 Critically discuss to what extent Harleys is a stragety-alligned organisation? “Strategic…show more content…
Managers adopted democratic leadership style as it involves a team guided by a leader where all individuals are involved in the decision-making process to determine what needs to be done and how it should be done. Harley Davisons managers emphasized the importance of their company culture and values in order to motivate themselves and their workers. They were successful in their leadership style because they had a shared vision of the company and values which they adhered to, telling the truth, being fair, keeping ones promises, respecting the individual, and encouraging intellectual curiosity. They opened a Learning Centre in order to develop the workers, which would benefit them as well as the company as a whole. Managers were very strategic in their leadership style because the case study showed that workers were involved in the company and that they knew what was supposed to be accomplished. They made everyone understand their roles and the consequences for failing to do their roles in order to contribute to the company’s development or success. Regarding the decision making of the company you actually see that they were also involved as managers and wanted to build confidence in their workers. Their strategy had developed the moral of workers since they had opened the learning…show more content…
According to Tienie Ehlere and Kobus Lazenby (2009; 364) the balanced scorecard sets goals, measures, targets, and initiatives for forum organizational areas based on the vision or strategy. Harley Davison’s corporate management focuses mostly on short term return which is recommended by balanced scorecard approach in order to see if strategic goals are being achieved. It will be easier for manager and workers of Harley Davison’s because they have a Learning Centre which will educate their workers in order to meet their goals faster. In their second edition book Tienie Ehlere and Kobus Lazenby (2007:280) explained that the balanced scorecard was introduced as a guideline for translating an organisations’ vision into strategic and long-term goals in four perspectives: financial, customer, internal business process, and leaning and growing. These objectives are statements of critical success factors that indicate what must be achieved for the strategy to be

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