Overcoming Mistakes In Life

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It’s alright to make mistakes, it’s what we learn from those mistakes that makes us who we are. Their is going to be a lot of obstacles you will have to overcome in your life, because whether we want to believe it or not humans make mistakes, and have to overcome challenges. One challenge I had to overcome was making my hockey team a couple years ago. I had played hockey for like 4 years at this time, and I had heard that my coach from the year before had quit so our team manager had to hire a new coach to come in, so I was very nervous to meet him. So when I had heard that I was going to be meeting the new coach at the upcoming tryout. I didn’t know what to expect. He had never seen me play before, so I know that I had to prove my self worth…show more content…
I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach as soon shot up from my sleep. I got out of bed and got ready to leave. My family all came, even my sisters who could care less about hockey. So we got down to the rink in Charlottesville. I got out of the car, grabbed my hockey bag and sticks, my parents wished me good luck, I took a long, deep breath, and started to walk to the rink. The front door is about a 20 step walk from my car. So once I get to the front of the rink and open the huge front door and walk in there is a sports bar that I have to walk through first to get to the rink. So as I approach the door to the rink I take hold of the cold brass handle and open the door, cold air hits my face. I breath in the cold air through my nostrils it sends a kind of nice chill down my spine. It feels amazing, as I enter the locker room I am greeted by my teammates from the year before, and some new faces. As we catch up the new coach storms into the room and tells everyone, “ get…show more content…
I was blowing everyone away it felt the best. An hour later we were done, it was awesome, and I loved the coach he was so pumped up about the season and he said he only wanted the best players playing for his team. I felt like in was one of them, but the other players were pretty good too. So when we got back into the locker room he talked to us for 5 minutes, and then left the room by saying” the rosters will be decided in a week, your parents will be emailed with the results.” So as he was walking out I slowly started taking my pads off, Putting them into my bag. My friends and I talked and chuckled, catching up on our everyday lives. After I was done getting all of my stuff into my bag, I slung the strap over my shoulder, and headed towards the locker room door. As I walked out I grabbed my Hockey sticks and said bye to my friends, they responded back and I walked slowly

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