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Kita Kita By:Sigrid Andrea P. Bernal Introduction: The Movie of Kita Kita was directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernal, this movie is all about a Love Story. The characters of Kita Kita is Allesandra De Rossi as Lea and Empoy Marques as Tonyo. In Japan is a many beautiful places and many Filipinos go in Japan to work, to visit and to forget his/her story. Lea is a Tourist guide in Japan and she loves a flower. Tonyo is a Drunkard and he loves drink a beer. Summary: Lea is a tourist guide that telling how clean and beautiful in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. One day Lea discovers that her Japanese boyfriend named “Novo”. But Lea is broken hearted with this Japanese boyfriend because she saw her to another girl. That Lea’s feeling become sadness and…show more content…
When Lea is blind, one person that can get come to them. A boy named “Tonyo” or in true life “Empoy Marquez” also a Filipino. Tonyo is a person who full of good qualities or characteristics like kind, loyal, industrious, loving and sometimes he is a very funny. When Tonyo the house of Lea, Tonyo they go every day to give food like caldereta, cabbage, sinigang, pansit, and adobo that he inherited to his grandmother. Lea tries her best to ignore him at first because she is scared of not seeing him. But Tonyo is persistent and is to be her friend, using humor and kindness to make a connection, with every effort that he makes, the two gradually become closer. It is not excuse her being blindness to see the true character of Tonyo. Lea and Tonyo spent their time together in every beautiful place on Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, both of them start to feel comfortable with each other. Lea feels like her sight is coming back but there is a tenderness tragedy. In an unexpected incident, Tonyo was accident he was crushed by a vehicle and declared a dead on a rival. Lea go to…show more content…
That is Tonyo, the guy who was never give up to being her friend and, soon her boyfriend to him and develop a romantic relationship. They form a beautiful friendship that leads to an unexpected kind of love. B.I think the weaknesses of this movie when Lea discovers that her Japanese boyfriend named Novo, has been cheating on her. He drunk everyday in the beer house while stalking by the banana costume. While Tonyo same with her they broke up of her girl friend so he drunk a Sapporo alcohol. Then she suffers an accident, which leads to her being affected by temporary blindness to her eyes due to extreme stress. And the very sad in this move is when not expected incident Tonyo was accident, he crushed by a vehicle and declared a dead on a rival. Conclusion: If you love someone, you’ll have patience. Just like what Tonyo did just to get Lea’s heart. Eventually, he succeeded. It doesn’t matter how you look physically. As long as you are true to yourself and have a good intention, then the love you’re giving will back to you.In Lea’s story, I would say that in every trials, circumstances or even heartaches that we encounter in our lives, we must learn to accept and forgive others. There’s always a new beginning and at that time, you’ll become stronger than before. All you need to do is to trust God for his better plan in your

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