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In this society, we can see that there are a lot of parents having problems with their offspring. Even though each and everyone has different kind of problems, there is still a solution for them. For instance, there are some parents out there that wanted their child to be resistant to some genetic disorder or they wanted their child to be a girl/boy with specific looks or even they are unable to have a child because the women could not conceive due to infertility, etc. Designer babies might be really beneficial for them. What are Designer Babies? Designer babies is a term used by journalists to describe babies whose genetic makeup have been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present. How Science is Applied InVitro…show more content…
No matter how advance the technology for designer babies, they still have downsides. The first downside is about ethnicity. If the parents are able to alter the physical look of their children, the ethnicity from this world would die off. For instance, we are living in the world which favours western features such as blue eyes, blonde eyes and fair skin more than other ethnicity physical traits. Parents would try to create their children based on the look which is most preferable. If this continues, there would not be any more uniqueness or distinction from different ethic that we can be proud of. The second downside is about income disparity. Designer babies cost is exorbitant and only those are living in the luxuries are able to afford it. The disparity will come as the rich would be able to create good looking, athletic and smart children where the poor could not do any alteration. In the future, the specially designed babies will be able to survive and compete better in society. Those with mundane traits are not able to grow and would face unfair competition. Factors Affecting Successfulness of the

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